Concert Review: DRUGS @ The Canal Club 6/17/2024 – Richmond, VA

DRUGS (Photo by John Krebs)

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (DRUGS) are currently on their Until God Shows 2024 Summer Tour and stopped to perform at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA on 6/17/2024. On this tour, DRUGS has support from The Requiem, Downswing, and Savage Hands. This was a phenomenal intimate show filled with soaring vocals, crowd surfing, and memorable moments.

Anyway, continue reading below for more photos of DRUGS and my full review of the show. Be sure to check out DRUGS’ website for music, videos, news and tickets for all upcoming tour dates. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs.

DRUGS took the stage and the intimate venue erupted with cheers and applause. Fronted by Craig Owens, DRUGS performed a tight 10 song setlist with non-stop action. The crowd jumped, sang along, and crowd surfed through the entire set. DRUGS started their set off with “Destiny,” “Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm,” and “Malice.” These first three songs set the scene of what the audience should expect.

The band did not slow down as they played many songs from their catalogue including “The Only Thing You Talk About,” “Gold,” “Sex Line,” and their new single “Hunger Pangs.” With each song, Owens played to the crowd, interacting with them, climbing on the barricade, and helping crowd surfers as they stormed the stage.

Craig Owens has been one of my favorite singers for many years. I have supported all of his music from Chiodos and badXChannels, to Cinematic Sunrise, and Isles & Glaciers. My wife and I’s first dance was to “Under Your Halo” by Chiodos. I have been to many of his concerts and one thing I have always noticed during his performances is how he interacts and plays with the crowd. The audience hangs on his every word and do not hesitate to scream the lyrics as Owens approaches with the mic. He is the epitome of a performer and it was an amazing time capturing this concert.

I highly recommend seeing DRUGS in concert. They put on an amazing show and create lasting memories. I will absolutely stop everything I am doing and see them again when they come to my area! Below are more images of DRUGS performing at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA on 6/17/2024. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs. Enjoy!!!

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