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Andy Jillson – Editor & Administrator (Photographer/Writer)

My name is Andy Jillson. I’m a concert photographer, writer, music fanatic, and the editor/administrator of Hazy Eye Media. I’m a self-taught digital photographer and launched Hazy Eye Media in September 2019. I primarily cover shows in DC, MD, VA, and PA; though I do travel to other states on occasion.

I started this online music media outlet to showcase my love of live music and concert photography. I also wanted to provide other aspiring concert photographers with an outlet to showcase their hard work and love of music as well. It’s just that simple.

Misha Bucknor – Contributor (Photographer)


Misha Bucknor is a Maryland-based artistic visionary who has found a safe space in photography and concerts. She is a self-taught photographer who picked up her first camera as a way to capture her other mediums; however, this soon led her to further explore the world of photography, primarily through portraits and concerts. Through her passions, Misha wants to capture the experience, energy, culture, and emotion of the events and people she encounters. If you’d like to see more of her work, you can find her on Instagram @americarimade.

Bill Garman – Contributor (Photographer)


Bill Garman is a professional photographer based in Ohio. He is a music lover and avid sports fan.

John Krebs – Contributor (Photographer)

John K

John Krebs is a professional photographer based out of Martinsburg, WV, but you can find him taking photos all over the DMV.  He is a Middle School History teacher by trade, and during the pandemic, turned his hobby of photography into a business in 2021.  He created Carpe Tempus Photography.  From the Latin, Carpe Tempus translates to “Seize the Time.”  What better way to seize the time than with a photo?

John is a published cosplay photographer, but his portfolio encompasses almost all aspects of photography from engagements, weddings, family shoots, and special events. He is an avid concert and music lover, who loves capturing chaos in motion that occurs on the stage. Website: www.carpetempusphotography.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/carpetempusphotography

Sara Molovinsky – Webmaster & Assistant Editor

Mammy 1

Taylor Mushinski – Contributor (Photographer)


Joseph Strand – Contributor (Writer)

Joseph Strand is a Chicago native currently based in New York City. He is a Director of Photography and a professional Video Editor, with a focus on music video production, documentaries, and humanitarian communications. An avid music lover and musician, Joe has a strong bias towards rock music; particularly alternative, grunge, industrial, electronic, and anything with a strong social or cosmic consciousness.

He is a self taught guitarist and experimental sound designer, inspired by individuals who empower others and challenge the status quo. Strand is in the process of forming a new band around his ambitious bass driven synth rock music, alongside his freelance photography that focuses on creative portraiture and the avant garde.

George Vargas – Contributor (Photographer)

George 1

My name is George Vargas. I’m a Maryland-based photographer and videographer that captures weddings, events, and works with local businesses to showcase their product(s). I enjoy street photography, especially when I travel, and have a growing passion for photojournalism and concert photography. If I don’t have a camera in hand, I’m probably playing volleyball! You can find me on Instagram @georgeous_media & @sir_georgeous.

Matt Walsh – Contributor (Photographer)


Matt Walsh is a professional photographer based in Washington state.

Ikenna Wosu – Contributor (Photographer)

Past Contributors:

Jordan August – Past Contributor

Jordan A

My name is Jordan August. I started as a freelance photographer in Philadelphia, PA and currently reside in Pennsylvania, but Baltimore, MD is where I really where I got my start freelancing. I have years of experience shooting a variety of subjects and have never limited myself to one type or genre of photography. In the beginning, concert photography was just a way for me to combine two of my passions, taking photos and music. It was the perfect balance of work and play. That being said, I eventually realized I could make a career out of it.

Now I’ve been given the opportunity and have the ability to expand my portfolio and creative outlets in ways I never thought possible. I’m able to travel all over the country for my clientele. It’s been almost a decade, 500+ concerts, 250+ bands, and countless hours of editing photos, but all my hard work has finally paid off. Jordan August Photography is officially a house hold name in fine art performance photography. Check out my official website, Jordan August Photography, for examples of my work and info on how to obtain my services.

Jianna Brown – Past Contributor


Jianna Brown is a professional photographer residing in upstate New York. After photographing a few concerts in 2020 and 2021, she stopped the hesitation and made the choice to transition from lifestyle to music photography. One of Jianna’s biggest inspirations is making her family and friends proud. She also desires to connect music with stories through single photographs.

Shane Gardner – Past Contributor

Shane 1

Shane K. Gardner is a Baltimore-based music photographer; freelancing for I.M.P, Live Nation, Decibel Magazine, and others. His primary focus is Rock ‘n’ Roll imagery. Available for hire. This guy can meet most photographic needs. Check out his official website, ROCK N ROLL SOCIALITE, for examples of his work and info on how to obtain his services.

Marley Hein – Past Contributor


Marley Hein is a concert photographer and music blogger based in Montgomery County, Maryland.

JayQuan – Past Contributor

Jay Quan

JayQuan is a music historian with an emphasis on Hip-Hop. He has directly experienced the music and culture since its late 70’s explosion, and has written about it online for the last 2 decades. Check out his official website, JayQuan Presents The Foundation, for examples his work and info on how to obtain his services or just pick his brain.

In addition to operating his own website and YouTube channel called “The Foundation”, he is the official historian and minister of information at the D.C. Hip-Hop museum and a member of the curatorial committee at the Universal Hip-Hop museum in the Bronx New York. Jay writes for several publications including Universal Music’s Udiscover website and also speaks at colleges and universities.

Abdullah Konte – Contributor (Photographer)

Abdullah Pic

Abdullah Konte is a house photographer for The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD and covers shows for Live Nation. He is a professional event and sports photographer as well. Abdullah primarily covers events around DC, MD, and VA.

Rick Jones – Past Contributor

Rick Jones is an English professor at a community college in a Chicago suburb. He bought his first 45, “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha” by Napoleon XIV and first album, “Li’l Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham and The Pharoahs in 1966, and became hooked on music. Today, he has between 15,000 to 20,000 45s, 78s, LPs, and CDs in his personal collection. Rick is also an avid concert-goer, having attended close to 800 concerts and seeing close to, if not more than, 2500 performers since 1969. He says he must listen to music every day. This man is a wealth of musical knowledge.

Ardin Lo – Past Contributor


Ardin Lo is a freelance photographer based in the Bay Area. He is a passionate fan of electronic music and an avid sports fan. Ardin loves to travel and capture beautiful landscapes across the US. Ardin is also a photographer for Cal Athletics, covering football and basketball games.

Brad Price – Past Contributor

Brad Pic

Brad Price is a photographer and rabid metal fan residing in Maryland. Check out his official website Planet B Photography.

Sean Rider – Past Contributor

SR-1 (1)

Sean Rider is a photographer, entrepreneur, and music lover currently in the St. Louis area. He has worked both on stage as a photographer and behind the scenes as a stagehand.

Alex Seeley – Past Contributor


Sadly, Alex passed away after a long battle against cancer. However, he’s rocking out with us in the photo pits at every metal show! Rock In Peace, my friend.

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