Concert Review: Electric Callboy @ The Fillmore Silver Spring 5/12/2024 – Silver Spring, MD

Electric Callboy (Photo by John Krebs)

Electric Callboy stopped in Silver Spring, MD during their North American Tour 2024 on 5/12/2024. They performed at a sold out show with support from If Not For Me and Bury Tomorrow. This night was truly electric (no pun intended) with amazing music, constant confetti blasts, and a stunning light production! It truly was a spectacular night!

Anyway, continue reading below for more photos of Electric Callboy and my full review of the show. Be sure to check out Electric Callboy’s Website for music, videos, news, and tickets for all upcoming tour dates. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs.

As soon as Electric Callboy came on the stage the entire crowd erupted with cheers and applause! Everyone in attendance was prepared to leave everything in the pit as evident from the energy in the room. The very first song they played was “Tekkno Train” and the crowd was ready to hop aboard! I couldn’t believe they started with one of my favorite songs and I was able to sing along during the entire song! From the confetti blast at the very beginning and the audience going “Choo, Choo, Choo,” one would think that the energy could not go higher. However, with each song we were proven wrong!

The show signed no signs of slowing down when they continued their set with “MC Thunder II (Dancing Like a Ninja),” and “Spaceman.” The crowd sung along to every lyric and it was truly a sight to see. One thing that continued to impress me throughout their set was their light production. Between the giant screen displaying visuals and constant changing lights, each song truly came alive. During “Spaceman” the screen featured stars flying past and it made the song truly soar!

Electric Callboy is a band with an amazing catalogue of songs. They played their cover of Cascada’s “Every Time We Touch” and the entire gathering bounced to every beat. Some other highlights were “Arrow of Love,” “Hypa Hypa,” “Hurrikan,” “Pump It,” and “We Got The Moves.” The balance between melodic singing and brutal screaming is so much fun to experience live!

If you ever have a chance to see Electric Callboy live, do not even hesitate! Between the costume changes to match their music videos, non stop confetti blasts, and amazing stage presence, I will never miss a show in my area ever again! Below are more images of Electric Callboy performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD on 5/12/2024. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs. Enjoy!!!

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