Concert Review: Skillet @ Hollywood Casino at Charles Town 6/28/2024 – Charles Town, WV

Skillet (Photo by John Krebs)

Skillet are currently on tour right now and they stopped to perform at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races on 6/28/2024. The entire audience (myself included) was ready to have a great time and the anticipation built waiting for Skillet to take the stage. The entire concert was one for the books! It was an insane show filled with heavy riffs, a passionate crowd, and C02 arm cannons.

Anyway, continue reading below for more photos of Skillet and my full review of the show. Be sure to check out Skillet’s Official Website for music, videos, news and tickets for all upcoming tour dates. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs.

For many years I have heard that Skillet puts on an amazing show. I was so glad to have the opportunity to cover them when they came to WV. The band came out swinging playing “Feel Invincible,” “Rise,” “Surviving the Game,” and “Legendary.” It was such an epic way to start off the show! I could not help but headbang in the front as they performed.

One of my favorite parts of the concert was when John Cooper, Skillet’s lead singer and bassist, donned C02 cannons on his arms and blasted them into the audience. The stage then erupted with more C02 and it added so much flair to the song “Legendary.”

Words cannot truly convey the energy the band brought to the stage. With each song the crowd sang along and moved to the rhythm. Korey Cooper, one of Skillet’s guitarists, bounced, thrashed, screamed and even seemed to levitate as she performed. I was astounded by her energy and it made for some amazing photos!

One thing that has always stood out to me about Skillet is their drummer Jen Ledger. She is an insanely talented drummer who not only plays the music, but sings as she is drumming! She makes it look easy! Occasionally, Ledger hops off the drum kit and grabs a mic to sing to the crowd. Those were some special moments during Skillet’s set.

This was my first time seeing Skillet and I know it will not be my last. I highly encourage everyone to go see them if they come to a city near you. The night is filled with amazing music, phenomenal productions, and moments to create lasting memories. Below are more images of Skillet performing at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town in Charles Town, WV on 6/28/2024. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs. Enjoy!!!

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