Concert Review: Parkway Drive @ Jacobs Pavilion 9/22/2023 – Cleveland, OH

Parkway Drive (Photo by John Krebs)

Parkway Drive are currently on their “Monsters of OZ” tour with support from Make Them Suffer, Northlane, and The Amity Affliction. This monstrous tour stopped to perform at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, OH on 9/22/2023. Parkway Drive has a special place in my heart because they were the band I discovered in high school and they opened the doors for me into heavier music. When I heard the song “Flesh, Bone, and Weakness” I was not prepared for double bass pedal intro and I’ve been hooked ever since. Being able to photograph Parkway Drive has been a dream of mine and what originally prompted me to become a concert photographer and I am extremely happy with how these photos turned out!

Anyway, continue reading below for more photos of Parkway Drive and my full review of the show. Be sure to check out Parkway Drive’s Official Website for music, videos, news, and tickets for all upcoming tour dates. All images are copyright and courtesy of John Krebs.

Whenever Parkway Drive tours the US, it is always an amazing time. However, this time was something truly special because they brought their full pyro production. I have only seen videos online of them performing with it and I never thought I would get the chance to see it in person. Getting up close and personal in the first three songs was something truly special because fire was legitimately shooting straight up in front of me.

Parkway Drive started the show off strong with “Glitch,” “Prey,” and “Carrion.” I was having a huge fanboy moment in the photo pit, jumping and screaming along with Winston. The man knows how to work a crowd as everyone was going crazy and no one was standing still.

Some major highlights for me were seeing them perform some of their older songs “Sleepwalker” and “Karma.” As an old school Parkway Drive fan, this was an awesome experience. Watching their guitarists Jeff Ling and Luke Kilpatrick perform their famous riffs next to each other left me in awe. These dudes are talented guitarists and I love how they interact with each other.

The absolute highlight of this show is the encore. It starts off with Ben Gordon, Parkway’s drummer, strapped into a chair performing a solo, while being rotated 360°. After his solo, the entire stage catches fire and they play the song “Crushed” ands he is still being spun around. It was so awesome! After “Crushed” they perform “Wild Eyes” which always gets the crowd singing to the opening riff. It is truly a remarkable way to end the show.

If you get a chance to see Parkway Drive live, do not even hesitate. You owe yourself to witness this spectacular event. Below are more photos of Parkway Drive performing at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, OH on 9/22/2023. All images copyright and courtesy of John Krebs. Enjoy!!!

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