Concert Review: Greensky Bluegrass @ The Met 1/18/20 — Philadelphia, PA

Greensky Bluegrass @ The Met (Photo by Jordan August)

Greensky Bluegrass performed at The Met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 18, 2020 — and I, Jordan August, was there in the crowd clutching my camera and gear. Much like many of the “jam bands” in the scene, I’ve been photographing and seeing Greensky Bluegrass perform live for a long time. This show was different though. The Met is a special place to see a show and the band knows that. This hometown performance was one to remember for the fans and band alike.

Continue reading below for my full concert review and more shots from the show. All images copyright and courtesy of Jordan August.

Greensky Bluegrass @ The Met (Photo by Jordan August)
Greensky Bluegrass @ The Met (Photo by Jordan August)

What is there to say about a Greensky Bluegrass show that hasn’t already been said? Or that everyone doesn’t already know from traveling all over this great land to see them? That’s the hardest part of reviewing one of their a concerts for me. Same applies for many other concerts I attend. It can be extremely difficult to write about bands that have been endlessly covered by music media outlets.


From small clubs in Baltimore, to massive stages at Electric Forest, GSBG always brings the same energy and tight performance, no matter what. The Met in Philadelphia is the newest room in the city of brotherly love to be hosting big shows. The gorgeous rebuild holds 3,500 people and is spacious and beautiful. There is nothing like seeing a jam band play live in an old school theater like this one. Awesome.


The band kicked off the night with their classic, “Jay Walking”, setting the tone for a more traditional first set. Tasteful solos and chunky bluegrass songs filled set 1 and got everyone warmed up and ready to grove. The set ended with Town Mountain fiddle player, Bobby Britt sitting in on the last 3 songs — including a cover of Paul Simon’s “Gumboots.”


Set 2 started off with “Windshield” and quickly dropped into some sonically dark and trippy jams. One of the highlights was a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” It built and built all the way through the song until it ended. The crowd was just as on fire as the band. The second sets primo jam was “Don’t Lie,” which featured a long jam, teasing Phish’s song “Tweezer Reprise” throughout it. If I remember correctly, “Tweezer Reprise” was teased briefly in other songs in their as well.


As I mentioned, The Met is a special place to see a show. Anders mentioned it a few times during the night, and even acknowledged his mom in the crowd. I absolutely love it when a band comes back to their hometown and they have family members in attendance. So cool. Anyway, we wish GSBG well on their trek to New York, Boston, DC, and beyond.


Yep, GSBG are still out on the road. If you’ve never see them perform live, you should. Be sure to check out the Official Greensky Bluegrass Website for all upcoming tour dates, merch, and other info about the band.


Here are some more photos of Greensky Bluegrass performing at The Met in Philadelphia, PA on January 18, 2020. All images copyright and courtesy of Jordan August Photography.

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