Puscifer (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Puscifer are currently on tour and stopped to perform at The Lyric in Baltimore, MD on 6/1/2023. This was my first time seeing the band live. I must admit I was completely captivated by both the sound of the band and the live visuals that accompanied the music. Secret agents? Dancing aliens? Video vignettes? Check, check, and check. Bravo!

Anyway, continue viewing below for more pics of Puscifer performing live in Baltimore. Also be sure to check out the Official Puscifer Website for music, videos, news, and tickets for all upcoming tour dates. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.

Puscifer (Photo by Andy Jillson)
Les Claypool (Photo by Getty Images)

After a 20-year hiatus, Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade has announced its long-awaited return with the massive, 41-date Summer of Green Tour 2023, which will mark the band’s first appearances since summer 2003. Tickets for the Frog Brigade’s performance at The Lyric in Baltimore on 6/22 can be purchased HERE.

Featuring Les Claypool (bass), Sean Lennon (guitar), Harry Waters (keys), Paulo Baldi (drums), Mike Dillon (percussion), and Skerik (horns), the set will include a full performance of Pink Floyd’s iconic tenth studio album ‘Animals,’ which was famously captured on the band’s second 2001 live recording ‘Live Frogs Set 2.’ For more information on Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, please visit https://lesclaypool.com/

Les 4
Puscifer_Travis Shinn
Puscifer (Photo by Travis Shinn)

Puscifer will be making a stop at The Lyric in Baltimore, MD on 6/1/2023. The band, founded by Tool’s Maynard James Keenan and featuring British singer Carina Round with electro-wizard/guitar player Mat Mitchell, are touring behind their critically-acclaimed album, Existential Reckoning. Tickets for the show at The Lyric are available HERE.

Secret Agents. Dancing Aliens. Video Vignettes. Puscifer’s live outings aren’t really concerts but more of a music-meets-live theatre experience. As a writer recently said: “There are regular rock bands and then there is Puscifer.” Be sure to check out the Official Puscifer Website for music, videos, news, and tickets for all upcoming tour dates.