Modest Mouse (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Indie rock heroes Modest Mouse played to a sold out crowd at Rams Head Live in Baltimore’s inner harbor on 4/18/2022. This was the band’s first show of the tour, and it was clear they are at one of their top musical peaks. Amazing performance by versatile musicians. The band is currently on an extensive US tour in support of their 2021 album, The Golden Casket. Shows are selling out so secure your spot quickly.

Anyway, tickets for Modest Mouse’s current tour can be purchased at modestmouse.com/#tour. Also be sure to check the Official Modest Mouse Website for music, videos, merch, and tickets for all upcoming tour dates. Continue reading below for my full review. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.


Los Angeles based noise-rock trio DEYSSI will be releasing their second album, $273.96, January 15, 2021 on Chain Letter Collective. Max Terlecki launched DEYSSI in 2014 and the band released their first EP in 2015 and first full-length album (Ten Persons, Ten Colors) in 2019. In the spring of 2020, the band’s three members gathered in a windowless concrete room inside an industrial building just outside of LA’s Chinatown neighborhood to record $273.96. The result: dark, improvisational chaos.

I spoke with Max about the band and the upcoming release of their second full-length album, $273.96. I highly recommend listening to DEYSSI if you’re into noisy, experimental, DIY, indie punk rock. Anyway, continue reading below for my interview with Max Terlecki of DEYSSI.

Goose (Photo by Andy Jillson)

Goose and their musical gaggle landed at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Frederick, MD on October 19, 2020 and sold the place out. Showtime At The Drive-In has been hosting drive-in concert events at the fairgrounds and Goose have been the best act yet. This was my introduction to the band and honestly, I was blown away by their musical performance and uplifting vibes. Goose are definitely not your average “jam band” or “indie band.”

Continue reading below for my full concert review and more images of Goose performing for a sold out (socially-distanced) crowd at the Frederick Fairgrounds on 10/19/20. All images copyright and courtesy of Andy Jillson.

Goose (Photo by Andy Jillson)
Mt. Joy (Photo by Gabby Barbieri)

This past Tuesday, August 25, Mt. Joy rocked out for the parking lot crowd at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA. Their live musical performance was a part of the “Live-In Drive-In” concert series courtesy of Live Nation. Looks like the band and audience had a great time. Live-In Drive-In is a drive-in concert series featuring live performances on stage in the parking lot at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. The series allows you to enjoy live concerts, while still maintaining social distancing from the comfort of your own individual vehicle.

The Live-In Drive-In series continues throughout September 2020 and features performances by artists such as Smith & Myers, Lotus, and Dark Star Orchestra among others. Tickets for all upcoming concerts within the drive-in series are available HERE & HERE. Continue reading below for more photos of Mt. Joy performing at Citizens Bank Park on August 25, 2020. All images copyright and courtesy of Gabby Barbieri & Skylar Watkins. Images made available via Live Nation & Ike Richman Communications.

Mt. Joy (Photo by Gabby Barbieri)
Cannibal Corpse @ Merriweather Post Pavilion (Photo by Brad Price)

Hazy Eye Music Media is proud to announce another interview in a series of interviews I’m currently conducting with some of my favorite concert photographers. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone and have begun picking the brains of some phenomenal photographers. My interviews in this series focus on “local” concert photographers. That is photographers around DC, MD, and VA. The DMV as we call it.

Anyway, check it out! I, Andy Jillson, was fortunate enough to interview Brad Price. Brad is a talented up-and-coming concert photographer and has already covered some great musical artists. Brad loves music, live shows, and all types of photography; and he’s a member of the Hazy Eye Music Media team! Continue reading below for my full interview with Brad Price. All photos copyright and courtesy of Brad Price.

Gwar @ Rams Head Live (Photo by Brad Price)

The reemergence of the band Hum is that of lost astronauts, revisiting the Earth, after over 20 years of flight. Their latest (and possibly greatest ) effort, Inlet, is massive. This is an album that undulates between the hardest and most ethereal they’ve ever been.The landing of this album has been met with a very warm welcome from fans. With the current restraints on live music performance still pending, I’d chalk Hum up to be one of the most anticipated bands to hit any stage in 2021.

In this album review Hazy Eye Music Media’s contributor Joseph Strand reviews Hum’s fifth studio album, Inlet, released on June 23, 2020. “This 8 song album is another opus from Talbott.” Continue reading for Joseph’s full review.

Le Butcherettes

If you are a die hard fan of Teri Gender Bender and Le Butcherettes you were not disappointed with this new EP. If you recently discovered the band since the album’s release on Valentine’s Day, you were likely struck by Gender Bender’s crooked arrow of love.

From the opening track “Wounds Belong To Me” featuring Teri on acoustic guitar, singing into what sounds like an old cassette recorder, to the album’s closing track “Boom” dropping an 808 alongside contorted lead lines and idiosyncratic beats, and variations of electronic rock songs in between, Don’t Bleed is an eclectic 7 song journey through love and femininity’s deeper shades via one of rock music’s most colorful female artists.

In this album (EP) review Hazy Eye Music Media’s contributor Joseph Strand reviews Le Butcherettes’ Don’t Bleed released on February 14, 2020. “A must for burning and broken hearts alike.” Continue reading for Joseph’s full review. All words by Joseph Strand.

Theo Katzman @ The Foundry (Photo by Jordan August)

Theo Katzman performed for a sold out crowd at The Foundry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 19, 2020 — and I, Jordan August, was there in the intimate venue jamming along with all the other obsessed Katzman fans. What a wonderful musical experience. Don’t miss out on seeing him on his 2020 tour!

All photos and words by Jordan August
Guided by Voices (Photo by Tony Nelson)

American indie rock pioneers Guided by Voices will be stopping at Black Cat in Washington, DC on December 7, 2019 to celebrate the release of their third album this year. Whoa. Yep, GBV are rocking out across America in support of their new album, Sweating The Plague. This may only be a short winter tour…don’t miss out! Tickets for Guided by Voices at Black Cat in DC can be purchased HERE or HERE. Continue reading below for full show preview.

Dinosaur Jr. @ Baltimore Soundstage (Photo by Brad Price)

Dinosaur Jr. performed at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland on November 18, 2019 — and Hazy Eye Music Media’s contributor Brad Price was there to capture some of the sonic assault. Yep, in this “Photo Flashback” we’re taking a trip down alt-rock memory lane with Dinosaur Jr. — and Brad is our guide. Continue reading below for more photos from the show. All images copyright and courtesy of Brad Price.

Dinosaur Jr. @ Baltimore Soundstage (Photo by Brad Price)